LN2 Cooled Intel Core i5 670 Hits 6.9GHz

jammin - January 4, 2010 08:24PM in CPU's

It seems as though Intel's freshly released Core i5 600 series processors may have some overclocking legs if recent reports of a Core i5 670 (3.466GHz stock) hitting 6.908GHz in the hands of a Belgian overclocker with the help of some liquid nitrogen cooling. The CPU-Z validation screen shot hitting that speed was achieved using an EVGA P55 FTW motherboard and what appears to be a core voltage of 1.893V. A lower overclock of 5.427GHz was also achieved with air cooling @1.596V and a Biostar H55 board. These kinds of results show the kind of the potential the new 32nm process may have for those of us aiming to squeeze those extra MHz out chips based on it.