First Weapons Announced for TF2 Update

CheeseMan42 - December 15, 2009 10:15AM in Gaming

As a consolation prize to being behind the Soldier in kill count, the Demo is the first to see new weapons. Replacing the bottle is the Eyelander, and replacing the sticky bomb launcher is the Chargin' Targe. The Eyelander is a giant sword reminding me of Braveheart, with the ability to kill with one strike. However, your max health will suffer as a result. Each kill will raise both your max health and speed, but must be combined with the Chargin' Targe for full effect. The new shield will improve fire and blast damage resistance, and will allow the Demo to move faster than a Scout when right clicking. The guaranteed sword kill can only occur during a long range charge. A new comic also offers some insight into the life of a Demo.