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L4D2 Meets L4D1 in The Passing

Category: Gaming
Posted: 02:44PM

In an official press release earlier this afternoon, Valve announced the first DLC add-on for Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2), "The Passing," targeted for an early Spring 2010 release. The Passing "brings the original Left 4 Dead (L4D1) Survivors down south for a meeting with the L4D2 cast, while delivering new single-player, multiplayer and co-operative gameplay for the PC and Xbox 360." Valve stated that players will assume the role of the L4D2 Survivors and merely meet with the L4D1 characters. However, in addition to a new co-operative campaign and arenas for Survival, Versus and Scavenge mode, there will also be a "new co-operative challenge mode of play." Does this mean a 4 + 4 or 4 vs. 4 game mode? No word yet, but let the rumors fly! The Passing will also add a new "uncommon common" zombie class, melee weapon and firearm.

Doug Lombardi, VP of marketing at Valve, is calling The Passing "the most important campaign in the Left 4 Dead story." Only time will tell if it lives up to that.

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sack_patrol on December 16, 2009 05:01PM
Nice. As always valve will deliver and impress.
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Clement on December 16, 2009 11:50PM
OMG THIS IS AWESOME, I was thinking of L4D: The Trilogy where all campaigns are 8 co-op! X3 FREKIN AWESOME!
bilcliff on December 18, 2009 06:30AM
8vs8 versus mode would be wicked fun
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sean on December 25, 2009 08:38AM
valve confirmed that there wont be any 8v8 action, but possibly 8 player co-op.
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Matt on December 27, 2009 01:54PM
I'd love to see 8vs8, but I doubt we'll be able to have it for a while. Also, why has valve abandoned TF2? I see much more potential in that than L4D.
d3bruts1d on December 28, 2009 06:05AM
Valve hasn't abandoned TF2... they just had an update for it, and they are currently testing new features for it.

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