Sudden Attack Mouse Released From SteelSeries

gebraset - December 6, 2009 12:32PM in Gaming, Input Devices, Mouse Pad

Both manufacturers, Razer and SteelSeries, mainly rule the gaming world with their mice, keyboards, headsets, and even mouse pads. While both companies offer a broad spectrum of products to suite the needs of gamers across the world, SteelSeries is now offering a new limited edition Sudden Attack mouse that will retail for $79.99, which will offer built-in macro capabilities for RTS games as well as MMO gaming situations. Along with the new mouse that will feature a camouflage design on the top portion of it, a mouse pad that follows the same design will also be released as a limited edition product. The Sudden Attack mouse pad will offer a non-slip backing surface, and will sell for roughly $11.99, appealing to the more thrifty consumers in the gaming peripheral market.