Micron Working on Super Fast SSD

CheeseMan42 - December 3, 2009 11:11AM in Storage / Hard Drives

Micron is working on what it claims will be the fastest SSD available, with estimates that it will have 50% better transfer speeds than current models. The RealSSD C300 will utilize SATA 3.0 and the Open NAND Flash Interface. The combination of these technologies will allow for sequential read speeds up to 355MB/s, with write speeds about 150MB/s slower. The NAND chips used in the SSD are built on the 34nm process, allowing for double the amount of transistors in the same area. The new drives from Micron make the current speed king, the Intel X25-M, look almost like a disk hard drive. With speeds in both reads and writes more than 100MB/s faster, the Micron drives will be blazing fast by comparison. The 128GB model will sell for $350, and the 256GB for $715 in volume pricing.