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Overclockers Club Annual Naughty or Nice Contest is Over - Winners Announced

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Posted: 05:06PM

The annual OCC Christmas Give Away is over and the winners have been determined. We'd like to thank all of our sponsors this year including Corsair, XFX, Mushkin, Thermaltake, Sapphire, Asus, Titan, Coolermaster, Coolit, Ultra, NZXT, Antec, Xigmatek, Sigma, OCZ, Visiontek, Noctua/Coolink, Patriot, Inwin, GMC, Palit, and OCC. We'd also like to thank the almost 9,000 people that participated in this year's contest. Please join us in congratulating all the winners this year.

Grand Prize - RobAP

  • AMD Phenom II 965 CPU (Supplied by OCC)
  • Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P (Supplied by OCC)
  • 2 XFX 5850's in Crossfire (Supplied by XFX)
  • 8GB of DDR3 Memory (Supplied by Corsair)
  • 2 X 128GB SSD Drives in Raid 0 (Supplied by Corsair)
  • 1TB WD Harddive (Supplied by Bosco)
  • LG SATA DVDRW (Supplied by Bosco)
  • Obsidian 800D Case (Supplied by Corsair)
  • H50 CPU Liquid Cooling (Supplied by Corsair)
  • CMPSU-850HX PSU (Supplied by Corsair)
  • Win 7 Pro 64bit (Supplied by Bosco)

Runner Up Prizes

4GB DDR2 Blackline Memory - Scott P
2 X 650 watt PSU's - muskie, Bigevil954

Element G Case - wildman2
Massive23 CS Notebook Cooler - InCrYsIs
BlacX Duet - mrsinister

5750 Video Card - Nasha

M4A78-HTPC Motherboard, - kuri
4890 Video Card - Balabah
P7P55D Deluxe Motherboard - crash
2 WL-500W Routers - ClayMeow, myhand
2 Axe Square CPU Coolers - 0o0, Savan

3 Fenrir CPU Coolers - Andrewr05, pezcore, TheHippi

Storm Sniper Black Case - Hyper
Storm Scout Case - nVidia_Freak
Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse - Fight Game

64GB Torqx SSD - Dariuas
DDR3 4GB Kit - J2T

5 GT 210 Video Cards - wevsspot, IVIYTH0S, Bandrew, Xly15, xchrissypoox

4GB DDR3 Memory Kit - RogerDeath

2 S1284 CPU Cooler's - My_Inner_Fred, viperk1
2 Dark Night CPU Coolers - greengiant912, MJCRO

Domino CPU Cooler - tkrow21

X4 750watt PSU - d0w0rk24

Lexa S Case - Nemo
Beta EVO Case - baz000ka j0e

2 Quantum Cases - XxHellxRaizerxX, rokkaholik
2 Skyline Cases - virus, rourkchris

Killer Nic Card - TropicalPreist

D14 CPU Cooler - ekiM
LapChilla Laptop Cooler - Waco
2 P14 140mm Fans and 2 S12B FLX 120mm Fans - WReXSTI
2 SWiF2 120mm PWM Fans and 2 SWiF 92mm PWM Fans - baldtcc

Xfighter Case - Coolmaster
B2 Case - bp9801
Ammo HD Enclosure. - kevinz90

R4 Case - f!ver
X7 Case - Bizzlenitch

P183 Case - Darkfuneral1337
850watt PSU - road-runner

ECS X58 Motherboard - cirro
ECS P55 Motherboard - ballist1x
MSI GT240 Video Card - Raidflex
Coolermaster N620 CPU Cooler - lobob420
Coolermaster TX3 CPU Cooler - Boinker
OCZ Behemoth Mouse - Krab

Again, congratulations to all our winners and here's hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday and best wishes for the New Year!

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xchrissypoox on December 2, 2009 04:55AM
Awesome thanks OCC! Hope I win but probably won't so I won't get my hopes up.
d3bruts1d on December 2, 2009 06:51AM
Good luck to everyone!
steven clifford on December 2, 2009 11:42AM
biiiig good luck and hope to everyone involved
Dehasu on December 2, 2009 05:38PM
Thanks in advance because I'm going to win!
nickosha on December 2, 2009 08:26PM
Good luck to everyone and great luck to me. :P
scr4wl on December 2, 2009 09:04PM
Good Luck Guys :)
sapetto on December 3, 2009 02:27PM
Love you! :P
davidst on December 4, 2009 12:07AM
Happy Holidays to Everyone! I wish everyone's a winner!
Stick on December 5, 2009 10:19AM
SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTT...A christmas wish that we all are winners.
fredkornyev on December 5, 2009 01:35PM
How about an extra entry for signing up for OCC RSS Feed? :D:D:D Good Luck Guys!
climoman on December 7, 2009 11:06AM
Dear Santa, I have been naughty this year, please don't leave me a lump of coal, I would like that PC! Thanks in advance.......
GabrielT on December 7, 2009 11:10AM
Crap, I sent in another entry by accident. Don't hurt me!
RealNeil on December 7, 2009 12:42PM
You have the nicest prize package I have seen lately. I'm new here, so I don't expect any award, but I like how you're treating your forum members. Good job. I'll be here reading your articles.
d3bruts1d on December 10, 2009 07:20AM
Welcome to OCC. :) We're always running contests, so even if you don't win this time, you are likely to win in the future.
PewPewBangBang on December 7, 2009 06:05PM
How do u get another entry after you become a fan?? Just send another e-mail exactly the same as the first one sent?
d3bruts1d on December 10, 2009 07:18AM
From the official contest page, "We'll match the name on your email entry to the Facebook account, and the email used for the newsletter. If you use a different name, alias or email then let us know."
ekiM on December 10, 2009 07:07AM
Assuming your e-mail used to register with Facebook is the same used in conjunction with your OCC account, there's only need to send one e-mail
Theprofessional on December 16, 2009 12:41AM
I am a new member and I was excited to see you offering this awesome contest, good luck to everyone and Merry Xmas!
wormy on December 16, 2009 03:35PM
well maybe ill get lucky again this year and win something :-) good luck everyone, and this looks better than last year
MrAlex on December 27, 2009 03:57AM
Congratulations to everyone that won!
LahiruRD on December 27, 2009 07:42AM
Congrats guys :)
gotdamojo06 on December 27, 2009 12:10PM
Jerrold Archeleus on December 27, 2009 06:23PM
Conga rats to those who won.
lobob420 on December 29, 2009 11:54AM
OMFG!!!! this is my first time winning anything at all!!! yay >:D OCC rocks!
d3bruts1d on December 30, 2009 03:57AM
Congrats to all the winners!
ET3D on January 3, 2010 12:06AM
Congratulations, everyone!
CoolMaster on January 3, 2010 02:54PM
grats all!
crash on January 11, 2010 01:08AM
Sweet! I havn't checked my mailbox in a while so it was a nice surprise to see a kick bass motherboard waiting for me! Thanks Dave and thanks OCC!

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