AMD Reveals Two New Processors

CheeseMan42 - November 12, 2009 11:25AM in CPU's

AMD revealed two new x86 processors to be released sometime in 2011 on Wednesday. Both chips will be made using a 32nm process, with each directed at a specific market. The Bobcat is aimed at mobile and System on a Chip applications, and is intended to compete with the Atom and Via Nano. AMD is aiming for the processor to take less than 1W of power, with higher end chips below the 2.5W range. The Bobcat will use at most 50% of the silicon of current generation processors, and is written in high level code. The design is then created by an automation tool, removing much of the legwork at the transistor level and allowing for easier integration with other components.

The second new chip is code named Bulldozer and is targeted at desktop and server markets. The processor will be a “dual core” offering with the cores sharing fetch and decode units, along with a floating point unit. This allows the chip to appear as one core to the OS, which should allow the hardware to assign tasks to either processor at its discretion.