Intel To Pay AMD $1.25 Billion

MrAlex - November 12, 2009 08:08AM in General News

“Intel Corporation and Advanced Micro Devices today announced a comprehensive agreement to end all outstanding legal disputes between the companies, including antitrust litigation and patent cross license disputes.” That’s what Intel released to the press early this morning and it does come as quite a surprise. AMD and Intel have both been known to have a lot of disputes in the past, which have lead to numeral court cases, and Intel being fined by both the European Union and United States regulators for unlawful trade practices. So what does this mean? It means that AMD and Intel will put down all the disputes they have had, a new 5 year cross licence will be made, AMD will drop all of its court cases against Intel and Intel will pay $1.25 Billion to AMD. I personally am glad that all disputes have been settled and that now both companies will be able to hopefully leave each other in peace for the lawful side of things and they will concentrate on “product innovation and development.” As stated in a joint statement by AMD and Intel.