DFI P55 mITX Motherboard Almost Hiting The Market

ScapeGoat - November 11, 2009 02:27PM in Motherboards

DFI recently announced the first P55 chipset mITX motherboard, the Lanparty MI-P55-T36. While it is a Mini ITX motherboard the quality is not going to be mini, at all. While some users may not have enough expansion slots to use on this motherboard as they would like to, most of us could use it as our regular motherboard since it has all we need to make a good use of our computer. It is also important to note that this motherboard uses a LOTES socket. While the launch is set to be really soon there are still no details about the price. Drop a Core i5 processor into the MI-P55-T36, plus a 5750 and you have a pretty good HTPC. For some hardcore modders this is also the opportunity to add two powerful systems in just one case!