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IN Win Fanqua and Maelstrom PC Chassis

Category: Cases
Posted: 08:36PM

In Win has a pair of relatively recent additions to it PC chassis product lineup with the FANQUA and Maelstrom cases. The FANQUA is a mid-tower case designed to incorporate the important features of Fan, Airflow, Neat, Quality, User friendly and Affordable which is how they came up with the name. The case features a 22cm side fan and mesh filters to trap dust before it enters the case. The Fanqua also features a tool-free design and lots of cable management clips on the inside.

The Maelstrom case has been out for a little over a month and it is a full-tower design with a black interior that supports motherboards from Micro-ATX to Extended-ATX. The Maelstrom supports up to ten front, side, and top 12cm fans along with retaining holes at the rear for water cooling. The case uses a bottom-mounted PSU design with dedicated ventilation holes to further enhance cooling performance.

Both cases can be found on-line right now with the Fanqua averaging around $70-$80US and the Maelstrom hitting the $100-$120US range.

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CardsFan88 on November 11, 2009 06:51PM
Bought this case a few weeks ago for a new build. Haven't gotten all the parts yet for the build, but the case is here. Having unpacked and looked through it I really, really like this case. It doesn't have a motherboard tray, and I wish it was about 1/2 inch to 2 inches wider, but at 8 inches wide (actual), it's big enough for a large heatsink, and I plan on putting in a Promlitech megalahems (sp) rev b. The area for the side fans protrude a bit outwards from the rest of the case which causes it to be listed a touch wider than it actually is. Same thing for it's length due to the cool green handle that isn't a handle. It is still bigger than my current case, which would be considered a 'big case'. But overall besides these minor flaws, everything else imo is perfect. (well I guess if you like swinging doors that might be another flaw, but after having one, I'm looking forward to NOT having to deal with a swinging door that also impeded airflow) It looks quite nice in person, the mesh side is windowed holes and you can see in it much more clearly than the pictures indicate. A WHOLE LOT clearer. Also the pictures are no doubt impacted by it's black painted and acoustic dampening interior. It is windowed, and when powered on you will see into it quite nicely. (Although I haven't powered it on, it's quite obvious when you take off the other side and the light comes in from the other side (non fan side/back of the motherboard side). With light coming in from this direction you can easily see inside. The mesh is also not 'mesh', picture a piece of metal with 200 holes shot by a pellet gun in it and you'll get the idea of it. (I originally thought it was a nylon mesh over a common window, but was wrong.) Smooth interior. Absolutely smooth. No jagged edges. Nice black coating as good as its exterior, and the matching black acoustic pads look really nice. The included fans 12cm fans (1 top, 1 exterior, 1 front are chartreuse in color or picture like a yellow highlighter color which actually looks fairly nice with the solid black case. Additionally there is a 2nd top vent slot where another non-provided fan can be installed. The 22cm side fan can be replaced by SIX 12cm fans. So you're set there. Overall this kicks the crap out of my Thermaltake Xaser V damier case (pretty much top end in 2004). The airflow in this case will be amazing. Unlike my current Thermaltake there seems to be much less interference with airflow. The front has no door, and the front grill does not impede airflow. Also once inside the airflow will not be constrained by the case's setup. The top fans have absolutely nothing impeding airflow besides the same thin metal pellet gun mesh style the side window uses. Since the fans are so close to the 'outside' it's outflow should be rather nice and uninhibited. (on my Thermaltake case even an upgraded higher cfm flow 9cm fan would push out a trickle of air). This should have literally 100x the throughput even from one fan, let alone TWO. Grade: I could knock it for not having a motherboard tray, but in reality, how can a case you buy for about 100-110 bucks be expected to have one at this point? So I won't deduct for that. Overall I would give it 9.5/10 It loses 1/2 star on a larger scale due to it being slightly smaller width than it states. Had it been it's actual size, it would be a 10. In Win also should have gone wider from the get go. If this was Xplay and you had to make sure each point means something, this would be a 5/5. If IN WIN wants the case of 2010, they need only remake this case a bit larger (width say an actual 9-9.5 inches) and add a motherboard tray. If they can do that and keep the price the same or maybe 10 bucks more, they will have a serious contender. Even then, THIS case is a pretty good contender. If you are budget conscience but want a big case with great airflow, this case is a walk-off, world series, homerun.
CardsFan88 on November 11, 2009 08:03PM
Forgot to say it was the Maelstrom

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