DDR2 Prices Rising

ScapeGoat - November 10, 2009 04:39PM in Memory

According to DRAM Exchange there has been a raise of about 14% in DDR2 prices in the first part of November alone. The high demand of DDR2 memory at the moment (probably caused by the large number of users upgrading their systems to run Windows 7 smoothly) is surpassing the production and it looks like it will stay like that for some time, eventually making DDR2 prices even higher. With DDR3 starting to appear even in low/mid-range OEM machines and manufacturers also aiming more and more for the replacing of DDR2, this looks like the perfect time for DDR3 to take over the market, however this is bad news for those who are not planning to move into DDR3 platforms any time soon since they will have to pay much more for their memory than they have enjoyed previously.