Bad News For LGA-1156 Foxconn Socket Users

ScapeGoat - November 9, 2009 03:04PM in CPU's

As some of you might know by now there has been some issues regarding the LGA-1156 Foxconn socket, but it looks like it's getting worse. Foxconn said they corrected the cause of the problems back in May, however even with the new revision of the socket the number of damaged motherboards and processors keeps growing. At first the issue was only reported by users with extreme overclocking and after demanding benchmarking runs, but now it's starting to appear with average overclock settings and on a higher number of motherboard models. There are already full stocks of motherboards on the market that use the socket behind this problem, with the highest number of them being from Gigabyte and ASUS (a recent AnandTech review suggests both may be considering switching socket providers on some boards at least). Some brands, including EVGA and MSI have suspended the use of Foxconn and are now using TYCO AMP and LOTES parts for their P55 motherboards. The problem is apparently caused by bad contact between some of the CPU pins and the socket eventually leading to the death of both of them. Let's hope Foxconn gets over this issue soon.