Toshiba Unveils the world's largest 1.8" HDD

premiumgfx - November 6, 2009 07:35PM in Storage / Hard Drives

Toshiba has unveiled the world's largest 1.8" HDD. The new drive, MK3233GSG runs at 5400RPM, features a 16MB buffer and most importantly has a 320GB capacity. The new drive has faster data transfer rates, less noise while seeking data (19dB) and is 19% more efficient energy-wise than Toshiba's previous series of 1.8" drives. The drive uses a SATA 3.0Gbps interface and is intended for use in UMPCs and netbooks. Toshiba will begin mass production of the MK3233GSG in December, although the price of the lilliputian HDD has not yet been announced.