ATI 5700 Series Prices to be Lower than Expected?

jammin - October 9, 2009 05:07PM in Video Cards

If reports by Bright Side of News are correct, ATI's upcoming 5700 series cards could be a little easier on the wallet than has previously been the case for newly released mainstream parts. Rather than going for between $150 and $200 that was previously expected, we may see 5700 series cards starting at just over $100 and topping out at around $160. That should also mean three 5700 series boards, rather than two, with the following models being in the pipeline:

All of these cards will carry the same range of connectors found on the 5800 series, which means the 2x dual-link DVI, single HDMI and single Displayport configuration. Apparently, the HD 5770 will carry a cooler similar to that found on 5800 series cards as well, essentially giving it the appearance of a reduced size HD 5870. We have seen some pictures and performance numbers for the HD 5750 already (which I believe was the 512MB model). At the prices suggested here it would certainly be a reasonably good deal, and if the HD 5770 can improve on those numbers by a good margin, it should be an attractive proposition too.