AMD Announces Thomas Seifert as New CFO

premiumgfx - October 9, 2009 03:59AM in General News

California based company AMD, today announced its new Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Thomas Seifert. Mr Seifert has replaced his predecessor Robert Rivert, who was previously promoted to Chief Operations and Administrative Officer. Seifert, aged 46 will be in charge of AMD's global finances and will report directly to AMD's president and CEO Dirk Meyer. Mr Meyer said that “Thomas is a talented industry veteran with a wealth of knowledge and experience managing the operations and finances of companies in the most difficult and competitive sectors of the semiconductor industry” and that “This knowledge and experience will enable him to further strengthen AMD’s financial foundation and help accelerate our transformation into a product design and marketing leader.” Thomas Seifert previously worked in various leadership roles at Qimonda, Infineon AG, Siemens AG, White Oak Semiconductor and Altis Semiconductorbefore prior to his appointment at AMD.