Core i9 With Four Radeon HD 5870's Break 3DMark Vantage Records

MrAlex - October 7, 2009 07:35AM in General News

The old 3DMark Vantage record set by k|ngp|n of P42968 marks has been blown away by overclocker Shammy. The previous record was held with an Intel Xeon W3540 at 5048 MHz with four GTX 285s in SLI. The new record of P52578 was set by a Core i9 at 6189 MHz (6155 MHz for the other records) with HTT on and four Radeon HD 5870s in CrossFire, with core clocks of 1300 MHz and a shader clocks of 1250 MHz. All of the other vantage records were broken, namely the Entry, Performance, High and Extreme presets. The images are in order of preset from Entry to Extreme.