OCZ Z-Drive Desktop Version Announced

MrAlex - October 7, 2009 07:05AM in Storage / Hard Drives, General News

A while back, OCZ released their PCI-Express SSDs for enterprise solutions and they showed great performance, along with a massive price tag ranging between $2000 and $15,000 RRP. The new m84 SSDs try to be priced around current released SATA drives but without the limitations of SATA connection. “The OCZ m84 Z-Drive is the newest addition to our line of PCI-E solid state drives and is designed to offer consumers a high performance yet aggressively priced solid state solution.” They will be manufactured using multi-level cell (MLC) NAND memory with speeds up to 750MB/s read and 650MB/s write (based on 256GB model). The m84 comes with OCZ’s new 3-Year warranty guarantee. Pricing or release date has yet to be announced, but expect these sometime soon. You can view the product page here.