Human Immortality By 2040?

MrAlex - October 6, 2009 07:54AM in General News

Possibly in the future, circa 2040 (about 30-40 years time) we could have nanotechnology expand the average life of a human being and lead to immortality. This may all seem far-fetched but the technology seems to be plausible and could in fact become a reality. Microscopic machines could be running around our bodies, repairing damaged cells or organs and possibly even backing-up our memories. Raymond Kurzweil says that nanotechnology and biotechnology could be combined together to get rid of disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes. He also stated that "The full realization of nanobots will basically eliminate biological disease and aging. I think we'll see widespread use in 20 years of [nanotech] devices that perform certain functions for us. In 30 or 40 years, we will overcome disease and aging. The nanobots will scout out organs and cells that need repairs and simply fix them. It will lead to profound extensions of our health and longevity." Nanotechnology has already been used by researchers at MIT to kill ovarian cancer in mice. Kurzweil also stated that by 2024 we could be adding an extra year to our life expectancy by every year that passes by.  So in around 40 years we could more or less become immortal. He also says that this is the point of being human – basically – to evolve. "The definition of human is that we are the species that goes beyond our limitations and changes who we are," he said. "If that wasn't the case, you and I wouldn't be around because at one point life expectancy was 23. We've extended ourselves in many ways. This is an extension of who we are. Ever since we picked up a stick to reach a higher branch, we've extended who we are through tools. It's the nature of human beings to change who we are." But be careful, because just as helpful it can be it, it can also be just as harmful.