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Radeon HD 5750 Pictures, Benchmarks

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 09:01PM

Apparently, a member of Chinese forum mymypc.com has had the opportunity to take a look at a HD 5750 card, as well as run a few benchmarks. If this all turns out to be correct, the HD 5750 board will be considerably smaller  than the recently released 5800 series cards (possibly even a small as some current lower end models), with 1120 stream processors and 56 texture units (TMU). Core and memory clocks come in at 700MHz and 1150MHz respectively. What is nice to see is the same 4 display ouputs that feature on the 5800 series cards. Performance wise, we only have 3DMark 06 and Vantage scores to go by, which put the 5750 in somewhere slightly above GTS250 and 4770, at 12931 for 3DMark 06 (with an E8400) and Vantage GPU score of 6881. Naturally driver versions are going to be pretty early at this stage.

Pricing is expected to be around the $149 mark for the HD 5750, with the HD 5770 around $199. It is also rumored that release dates for the 5700 series may have been brought forward, which would see them possibly appearing as early as October 12th. You can check out all of the pictures on the mymypc.com forums. Credit goes to VR-Zone for digging this up.

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_TheAlexO on October 2, 2009 09:58PM
that is.. not an attractive looking reference card. it would be nice to see a single slot ati card for once in a long time
Flar on October 2, 2009 11:12PM
hd 4850?
_TheAlexO on October 2, 2009 11:20PM
havent seen one of them in ages.
_TheAlexO on October 2, 2009 11:20PM
as far as single slot is concerned
tkrow21 on October 3, 2009 06:55AM
Damn, that is a small card for the performance.

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