NVIDIA: GT300 Will Launch in 2009; Beats 5870

premiumgfx - October 2, 2009 02:46AM in Video Cards

NVIDIA revealed the specifications of its new Fermi architecture a few days ago leaving some people wanting more information, such as when the first Fermi cards will be available and how they stack up with ATI's latest offerings. Today we get partial answers to both of those questions.

An unnamed senior employee at NVIDIA has confirmed that the long-awaited GT300 will ship by the end of this year, according to Fudzilla. This means we have a definite time-limit on when us, the consumer should be able to get our hands on NVIDIA's next-gen cards although there is no information available on an exact launch date.

It has also been confirmed that Drew Henry, the General Manager of the GeForce and Ion product lines has said that the Fermi range will be faster than any video card available including the ATI Radeon 5870. This is not surprising based on the Fermi's specifiations on paper. Aditionally, NVIDIA has stated that it has a Fermi GX2 variant in the works and that the single and dual card TDP should be similar to that of the single-core GTX285 and dual-core GTX295 respectively.

It seems that NVIDIA has the upper hand over its red competitors in light of these new scraps of information and hopefully the red faction is concocting a counter-attack in terms of performance.