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NVIDIA: GT300 Will Launch in 2009; Beats 5870

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 02:46AM

NVIDIA revealed the specifications of its new Fermi architecture a few days ago leaving some people wanting more information, such as when the first Fermi cards will be available and how they stack up with ATI's latest offerings. Today we get partial answers to both of those questions.

An unnamed senior employee at NVIDIA has confirmed that the long-awaited GT300 will ship by the end of this year, according to Fudzilla. This means we have a definite time-limit on when us, the consumer should be able to get our hands on NVIDIA's next-gen cards although there is no information available on an exact launch date.

It has also been confirmed that Drew Henry, the General Manager of the GeForce and Ion product lines has said that the Fermi range will be faster than any video card available including the ATI Radeon 5870. This is not surprising based on the Fermi's specifiations on paper. Aditionally, NVIDIA has stated that it has a Fermi GX2 variant in the works and that the single and dual card TDP should be similar to that of the single-core GTX285 and dual-core GTX295 respectively.

It seems that NVIDIA has the upper hand over its red competitors in light of these new scraps of information and hopefully the red faction is concocting a counter-attack in terms of performance.

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ekiM on October 2, 2009 06:33AM
ATi releases a new card and not long after doing so Nvidia states they will release something better in months to come. Although I'm a fan of team green, mainly due to driver support, this is a pretty cheap tactic. I think Nvidia should just accept that ATi's better for the time being
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k1ckass on October 2, 2009 09:23AM
nvidia seems so desperate, as to even show fake PCBs, I'm using a gtx but I think I'll switch to a 5870 because of all the crap nvidia gives us consumers... http://www.semiaccurate.com/2009/10/01/nvidia-fakes-fermi-boards-gtc/
Waco on October 2, 2009 10:23AM
Those pictures are pretty convincing... As for nVidia having "the upper hand" over a PR stunt; I think not.
ekiM on October 3, 2009 12:08AM
Those pictures convince me as well, as for them having the upper hand for the time being, I doubt it too. It just seems to me NVidia's using a my dad can beat up your dad.. but he'll be here in 3 months tactic
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Dragon on October 2, 2009 11:49AM
After lots of reading the nvidia card is a tesla part and when the GEFORE model comes available some of the parts of the chip will be removed because for gaming which we want it for some of the chip will be just sitting there doing nothing so what will the real performance of the card be?? Who knows but till the consumer can buy it who cares by that time ATI will be walking away with the sales and when NVIDIA do get the cards out around JAN to FEB next year ATI will cut the price and everyone will again go and buy ATI only fan boys will wait, I always buy NVIDIA but I have just got me a 5870 because of how NVIDIA talking about there cards its aimed at supercomputer market first and gamers second but ATI its aimed at gamers first. Plus if you take a look a NVIDIA’s chip diagram you notice a lack of tessellation unit which is surprising which means when it comes to tessellation Ati will be faster unless NVIDIA will change that for the GEFORCE series of cards which I reckon. Well time will tell iv got my free dirt 2 voucher with my 5870 I will be playing a directx 11 game while NVIDIA will still have no parts out could be a big win win for ATI anybody remember xbox 360 and PS3 which one came out first and who got the most sales?.
nickosha on October 2, 2009 01:01PM
I thought it was expected for Nvidia to make a more powerful, but huge and expensive card. I'm more interested in how the rest of their line-up stacks up. I wish those pictures in that article were a lot bigger. The woodscrews and misaligned power connectors are pretty convincing though.
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Bigfoot on October 2, 2009 04:19PM
No its not expected for NVIDIA to make more powerful cards expensive yes the only reason there cards some times comes in a little faster is (The way its meant to be played) program just try a game on there cards that as not been made in that program like Grid and you see that ATI cards score better but of course NVIDIA as many developers in the TWIMTP program if ATI got there hands dirty like NVIDIA helping developers then it would be equal.
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Will Liu on October 3, 2009 12:12AM
Performance is not everything. I believe that ATI and Nvidia are pursuing two different strategies. The awaited GT300 will be faster than ATI's offerings but it will most likely be also more expensive. Recently it appears that ATI has been adopting a strategy selling affordable graphics cards that deliver excellent value to the mainstream gamer. In addition, there were rumors in September that Nvidia was having significant manufacturing issues with the new fermi chip. Without a significant improvement in chip yields, Nvidia's launch maybe in trouble with limited stockpiles. Current evidence suggests that ATI is in a good market position against Nvidia. ATI is months ahead of Nvidia and is posed to satisfy and meet demand for the holiday season.
Mikesnow on October 3, 2009 01:11AM
TBH they aren't doing anything ATI didn't do, years back, Nvidia thought they had a great card they would release it , 2 months later ATI released their cards and they would be better. I wouldn't call it a my dad beats up your dad tatic as much as I would call it a slow draw or even a bluff. If you know you have the winning hand why would you show everyone before you have all their money? Makes pefect sense to me. and like the 280's they likely have better variants they won't release till 6months down the road.
tkrow21 on October 3, 2009 07:32AM
If they have it, they'll release it. They don't have it at the moment.
Zertz on October 3, 2009 12:34PM
Exactly. The GPU market is extremely competitive, they don't hold parts like Intel can afford to do.
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Boo on October 3, 2009 11:17AM
After reading all this the person on top (will Liu) Gt300 will be faster-- what do you base that on as only the tesla part as only being showed when the geforce part will not be the same and if it was anymore powerful how much 1-2fps and your other point ATI sells cheaper cards yes they do but I would not call there flagship card at the moment 5870 cheap £300+ in the UK which is around the same as nvidia. All I can say who ever right or wrong pc is an open environment and nvidia is changing that with there programs that’s why a lot of people turn to consoles.

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