There Is An App For That, And That, And That, And That...

d3bruts1d - September 29, 2009 06:43PM in Mobile, Gaming, Music / Video Players, Software, Gadgets

If you've seen any of Apple's commercials for the iPhone or iPod Touch, you've probably heard Apple's key phrases "there is an app for that" and "there is an app for just about anything". Now that Apple's App Store has passed two billion app downloads, they are out to prove that there really is an app for anything with the new "Apps for Everything" section on their website.

The new website is broken down into "Apps for..." categories, such as Cooks, Music, Fun and Games, managing money and more. Each section is then broken down into more specific areas, and a few apps are listed. Also available are the top 10 free and paid apps for the category.

While Apple says there is an app for just about everything, we know that there are certain things that there are not apps available for. Porn, downloading or managing torrents, Google Voice, Adobe Flash, wallpapers on the home screen or quickly switching system setting.