Asus Republic of Gamers MARS GTX 295 Graphics Card

Nemo - August 26, 2009 08:52PM in Video Cards

Asus has cooked up a variation on the GTX 295 reference design and released it in the form of the Republic of Gamers MARS card. Based on a pair of GTX 285 GPUs, Asus has added 4GB onboard memory and a 1024-bit memory interface. That's not all the Asus engineered changed as the card has a engine clock of 648MHz, a 1476MHz shader clock with  the memory clocked at 2.304GHz (1.152GHz DDR3). To keep this beast cool the heatpipe coverage has been increased 65% for a 20% increase in heat dissipation while delivering a claiming performance increase of 23% over the reference design.

Now, to make thing more interesting, Asus is only producing 1000 of these cards, each of which will be individually numbered and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Asus is playing it close to the vest in terms of pricing and availability, so you must follow Asus' official Twitter account for the latest information in order for a chance to lay your hands on one of these monsters.