Razer Introduces New MMO Mouse

gebraset - August 20, 2009 08:58PM in Mouse Pad

Razer, manufacturer of some of the finest gaming peripherals on the market, has announced two new products that will be added to its main product list. The largest announcement being a new MMO mouse called the Naga that will sell for $79.99 and be catered specifically to MMO players. Many high-end features are included with the mouse, such as a 5600 dpi 3.5G laser sensor, 1ms response time, 200 inches per second tracking speed, along with seventeen buttons located on the mouse for special use in MMO gaming experiences. Software add-ons for certain titles will also be available for users to customize their Naga with to allow for more fluid gaming while playing their favorite Massive Multiplayer Online game. Along with their announcement of the new mouse, Razer is also introducing a new mouse pad named the Megasoma, which is meant to offer a medium between soft and hard mouse pads. The new surface compliments the Naga nicely, though any of Razer’s mouse pads will also do that; the Megasoma will sell for $49.99.