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Gulftown May Not Need Anything New on X58

Category: CPU's
Posted: 07:07AM

A slide was recently leaked that showed some of the specs on Intel's upcoming Gulftown processor. Some information is already well known, like the fact that it will be Intel's first high-end CPU based on the 32 nm HKMG process. Also well known is the fact that it will have six physical cores, and with HyperThreading, will have twelve logical cores. It also will have the same integrated memory controller as the current i7 900 series, supporting DDR3-1066 (although the current 900 series can work at higher memory speeds). The best part is that all of these features have the same TDP rating as the current 900 series processors, at 130W. This could essentially mean that the processors could just drop right into the current LGA-1366 motherboards and hit the ground running. It is currently set to be released in Q2 2010.

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