Kingston Announces DDR3-2133 CL8 1.65V HyperX RAM

JifDaKiwi - August 5, 2009 05:24PM in Memory

Kingston has today announced that a new fast, blue flagship is on the horizon.  Due to release in September (right around when Intel's Core i5 range, and the accompanying P55 motherboards should be hitting the shelves), the 2133Mhz CL8 kits of DDR3 will be Kingston's fastest rated RAM in terms of pure clock speed, will be low latency, and will run at a mere 1.65V to boot, giving plenty of headroom for overclocking potential.  Kingston's current closest kit in terms of speed is 3GB of DDR3-2000 with CL9 timings, so these modules are a good step forward.  It is not specified if the kits will be a dual or triple channel, but as with all HyperX ram, it will have a lifetime warranty and the infamous blue heat-spreaders.