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Intel Lynnfield CPU Benchmarks Posted

Category: CPU's
Posted: 01:52PM

If previous reports are anything to go by, we should be seeing the first LGA 1156 socket CPUs from Intel start to pop up sometime next month. In anticipation of that launch a Chinese site has published some benchmark results after some hands-on time with some of the new processors. Some of the salient information to come out of the article (translated) are the effects of the new Turbo Boost technology Intel has implemented bumping the core speed of a Core i7 870 to 3.2GHz from 2.93GHz stock, as well as pipping the existing Core i7 920 in overall performance despite the step down to a dual-channel memory set up and the old DMI rather than new QPI interconnect. The difference in frequency between the two processors naturally comes in to play here, with the Core i7 920 ceding nearly 300MHz in that regard. 

The Core i5 750 (2.66GHz) also puts up some pretty sturdy numbers, beating out the older Q9550 but falls behind the Core i7 920 to slot in neatly between the two lineups. The Core i7 870 therefore takes up a position somewhere between current Core i7 920 and 950. Testing also shows the new platform making improvements to power management at both idle and load, though that was also to be expected. The Chinese site also seems hopeful of the overclocking potential of the chips, though I will let you negotiate the broken English yourself and see what you can glean on that one (implications that 4GHz may not be too hard to reach with an i5 seem to be encouraging). We'll see how all these numbers hold up once the CPUs get officially released.

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