Toshiba To Start Selling Blu-ray Players

jammin - July 19, 2009 04:54PM in Music / Video Players

Toshiba officially gave up on HD-DVD back in February of last year, though it now appears that Blu-ray discs and hardware are attracting enough sales that the company can't ignore the lack of Blu-ray hardware options of its own any longer. A Japanese newspaper reoprted this week that Toshiba would be entering the Blu-ray hardware market by introducing a player of its own before the year is up. In a world where consumers have the option of buying home cinema packages, not having a Blu-ray player in your line up effectively hurts sales of your other hardware, such as HDTVs. This is particularly the case as we see some HDTVs adopting built in Blu-ray capability. That hardware manufacturing costs are significantly lower than they were gives Toshiba another reason not to hang around any longer.