OCZ Sabre OLED Keyboard Now Shipping For $135

jammin - July 9, 2009 02:32PM in Input Devices

Last month we heard that OCZ would be releasing the Sabre OLED keyboard, which includes nine OLED keys that can be programmed to display their given function. The Sabre appears to be identical to a United Keys model that Engadget checked out at the end of last year, though a large brand such a OCZ does bring much wider availability and a reduced price tag. The Sabre can be picked up now for $135 compared to the United Keys, which retails at $260. We'll have to wait for some more hands-on time with the OCZ model to see if any subtle improvements have been made. Of course we originally saw the idea of using mini OLED screens on keyboard keys with the outlandishly expensive Optimus Maximus, though that also featured more impressive full color displays for all keys, rather than the 9 monochrome ones featured on the Sabre.