Price Cut Unlikely For the PS3

CheeseMan42 - July 8, 2009 07:10PM in Gaming

Two high ranking Sony executives, Jack Tretton and Sir Howard Stringer, have come out and denounced the possibility of a PS3 price cut. While gamers and developers alike have been calling for a price cut, Sony doesn't share the same sense of urgency on the matter. Tretton cited a long term plan, a 10 year plan to be specific, as a reason for the lack of a price cut. Sony is hoping to run a marathon instead of a sprint with PS3 sales, and it doesn't want to burn out too quickly. Stringer presents a much more convincing reason, stating that the company would lose money on every PS3 if the price was cut any further. It is worth mentioning that the PS3 originally retailed for $599, and is now down to $399.