Razer Unveils the Razer Moray+ Mobile Gaming Communicator

premiumgfx - July 8, 2009 02:53AM in Speakers/Headphones

Razer has announced the release of its latest mobile gaming communicator, the Razer Moray+. The Razer Moray+ is an improvement on its predecessor, the Razer Moray featuring enhancements based on feedback from gamers. Notable changes include an omnidirectional in-line microphone, adapters for use with the Sony PSP (2000 and 3000) and Nintendo DS (Lite and DSi) and a durable, thicker cable to reduce tangling. All the standard Moray features including extended bass, passive noise isolation and inter-changeable ear buds are still retained in the plus version. The Razer Moray+ is available in black or white for US$60.00 at razerzone.com.