OCZ Unveils Vertex Turbo Series SSDs

jammin - July 7, 2009 07:58PM in Storage / Hard Drives

We aren't quite at the point where SSD usage is particularly wide spread, at least amongst us regular consumers, but the market continues to move along at a considerable pace. Earlier today OCZ officially launched its Vertex Turbo series drives, an update to the original Vertex series. For the Turbo drives, OCZ has bumped the host clock-speed (I would assume that means of the controller), as well as that of the SDR RAM cache from 166MHz to 180MHz. That means improved performance, and read and write speeds of up to 270MB/s and 210MB/s (120MB/s sustained) respectively on the 250GB model. Speeds do drop slightly as you reduce capacity, with 120GB, 60GB and 30GB models also available. As usual, there are no prices mentioned in the press release, but previous reports seem suggest they will range from $150 to $800. All drives in the series will ship with a three year warranty.