Sapphire Moving to Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Nemo - July 7, 2009 07:24PM in Video Cards, General News

It ain't easy being green as one of my heroes used to say, especially when products come shipped in all sorts of excess, hard to open plastic containers. Sapphire Technology is hoping to make being green a bit easier for its customers by introducing inner packaging trays made from recycled paper materials. Not only are the paper pulp trays gentler on the environment than plastics, they can also be further recycled. The trays are molded to hold the components safely during shipping and replace the previous inner containers that had multiple folds and cutouts. Sapphire is committed to continuing this trend by developing new trays in the future to hold even the heaviest models to cut down on the use of plastic carriers and foam inserts. Sapphire says it may not be able to completely eliminate the need for plastic packaging but it will be specifying the use of recycled materials for its packaging wherever possible.