French Judiciary Overturns Anti-Piracy Law

jammin - June 10, 2009 05:02PM in Copyright Infringers

Last month, legislation designed to address the problem of illegal filesharing passed the French National Assembly after being rejected on a previous attempt. The Hadopi law was named after the government agency that would have been responsible for policing the law and would have seen those judged to be persistent file sharers facing the possibility of having their internet connections cut for up to a year under a three strike system. However, after France's Socialist party asked the country's constitutional council to look into the legality of the law it was ruled that "free access" to online communications services is a human right and couldn't be withheld without a judge's intervention. The method by which the law was to be policed was also said to breach a citizen's right to privacy. While a blow to the French president, who had strongly backed the legislation, the ruling may not affect similar proposals in other EU countries as it was based on interpretation of the French constitution rather than EU law.