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Clickable Trackpads Coming Soon to PCs

Category: Input Devices
Posted: 11:58AM

If you've used one of the new Macbooks, then you know what a clickable trackpad is. Instead of using buttons below the trackpad to click, Apple decided to use the entire trackpad as a button. To click, the user simply depressed the whole trackpad. I've used one of the new Macbooks and found the clickable trackpad to be a very nice feature. The Macbooks also support finger gestures on the trackpad to accomplish tasks such as, zooming in or out, scrolling up or down, and rotating pages. All of those features are nice for laptops when a standard mouse isn't available. Now, Synaptics is bringing clickable trackpads to smaller PC notebooks and netbooks. The new trackpads were on display at Computex this year. Synaptic's trackpads will be called ClickPads. They currently support two-finger right clicks, two-finger scrolling, two-finger PinchZoom, two-finger pivot rotate, three-finger flick, and three-finger press gestures. These gestures are similar to what Macbooks use. The devices will be available to OEMs in the third quarter of 2009. I'm actually anxious to see what the ClickPad can bring to the table.

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Zertz on June 5, 2009 12:06PM
The Eee 1000H (possibly others too) has had that for quite a while :o
Puck on June 7, 2009 12:28PM
I have a P3 VIAO with a clickable trackpad...no zoom and pivot gestures, but it works o.O

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