Patriot Launches Viper II Series Memory Kits

Nemo - June 3, 2009 08:46PM in Memory

Patriot has announced an upgrade to its line of enthusiast-grade memory with the introduction of the Extreme Performance Viper II Series DDR3 memory modules. The upgrade comes in the form of an improved heatspreader that offers better cooling performance to handle the heat thrown off by the memory chips.  Patriot says this results in greater stability and performance. The top-end speed for the tri-channel memory stays the same at PC3-1600/2000MHz, but Patriot has added two other kits running at PC3-15000 - 1866MHz and PC3-14400 - 1800MHz which are faster than the previous Viper series counterparts. All of these are 6GB (2 x 3GB) modules. Patriot has also included two new 4GB (2 x 2GB) kits running at PC3-14400 - 1800MHz and PC3-12800 - 1600MHz. All the new part numbers can be found on the Patriot web site.