OCZ's 3.5-inch Colossuss SSD

DLS2008 - June 2, 2009 01:18PM in Storage / Hard Drives

OCZ has decided to break away from the pack with its newest SSD. The standard SSD in today's market is a 2.5-inch drive. This makes it  more work to install in desktop computers because they accept 3.5-inch drives. OCZ has announced it will release its 3.5-inch Colossuss SSD for retail sale in roughly 8 weeks. The new drive will come in 512GB and 1TB storage capacities, but the prices for each are unkown. Hopefully the prices won't require a month's salary to be diverted to OCZ to get your hands on one. It seems there will be 2 drives in a RAID 0 array inside the housing. This means it is essentially an OCZ Z-Drive, but made to fit a 3.5-inch bay.