Metal Gear Solid: Rising Coming to the PC, Alongside Xbox 360 and PS3?

ClayMeow - June 2, 2009 07:05AM in Gaming

One of the big announcements out of the Microsoft camp (albeit, not that surprising) was that the next installment in the Metal Gear Solid (MGS) series would be released on the Xbox 360. Xbox fanboys quickly gloated and laughed at the Sony supporters...but not so fast! Not only will the game be released on the PlayStation 3 as well, but in a surprising turn of events, it seems Metal Gear Solid: Rising will also be coming to the PC! Yep, you read that correctly. This news is courtesy of Games Press, a UK-based press-release service that GameSpot claims is relied upon by much of the games industry, and correctly revealed the multi-platform release of Crysis 2 before it was officially announced. In addition, PSP owners won't be left in the dust; Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is being developed for the PSP and is slated for release sometime in 2010. This is certainly good news for all MGS fans.