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Microsoft E3 Keynote

Category: Gaming
Posted: 01:24PM

Apparently there is something called E3 happening this week (what, you hadn't noticed?), or Electronic Entertainment Expo if you want to use the full title. E3 is back to being a big bucks razzle dazzle display this year after it all went rather low key last time around, which is certainly good news not only for the press attending the event, but also for all of you who are interested in what is going down on the showfloor. Microsoft got the honor of hosting the first keynote of the event and pulled out all the stops, meaning expensive sets, plenty of peeks at upcoming titles and of course celebrity appearances (including the remaining members of a certain world famous band, Tony Hawk and Steven Spielberg; you know, the usual).

So what about the actual content of the keynote? Well there was a lot packed in there, including looks at The Beatles: Rock Band (with that appearance from Ringo and Paul among others), Tony Hawk showing off his skateboard peripheral, Modern Warfare 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Crackdown 2, Left For Dead 2 (see below), Splinter Cell: Conviction, Forza 3.. the list goes on. As well as games, Microsoft also took the wraps off its own motion controller and announced a number of updates to Xbox Live. Of course it is possible to have long discussions about any of the announcements made, but I don't want to take up half of the front page (plus it's a hot day and I can't sit here sweating for that long). Fortunately Engadget was there for the presentation and was putting up a blow by blow of events as they happened. If you want to replay the whole thing, then GameSpot should have video available soon. Overall a very nice start to the E3 show. Let's hope the other companies in attendance can provide some equally impressive fodder for us to gawk at as the week goes on.

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