Consumers Still Opt for DVDs Over Downloads

jammin - May 12, 2009 04:24PM in Digital Photography/Video

According to results recently released from a report by market researchers NPD Group on entertainment trends in America, the majority of consumers still prefer physical media when it comes to their video viewing habits. That 88% of U.S. consumer home video spending was made up of sales or rentals of DVDs or Blu-ray discs over the past three months suggests that won't be changing in a hurry. Of an average $25 per month spend, it comes down to 63% of that being accounted for with DVD purchases, 18% on rentals, 9% on video on demand, 7% on Blu-ray purchases and a mere 3% on digital downloads. Of the 11,000 people surveyed, 9% did say that they had watched movies online, compared to 5% last year. That would suggest that consumers are slowly becoming more accepting of online viewing, though when online distribution will become the preferred choice for the majority is hard to predict. Analysts will continue to question how long physical media can last, but for now at least we seem to be happy enough to hold onto our discs.