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Does it Really Cost $30,000 to Fill An iPod? Microsoft Seems to Think So

Category: Music / Video Players
Posted: 06:17PM

Microsoft has been pushing price comparisons as an advantage over Apple products with its "Laptop Hunters" website and commercial spots recently. In the latest ad, MS is taking a shot at iTunes with Wes Moss, "Certified Financial Planner" riffing on how it costs $30,00 to fill the latest (120GB) iPod, with the $15 a month Zune Pass subscription obviously making a lot more sense (one "costs a lot" while one "costs a little" according to Wes). Now while the laptop hunter angle arguably made a good degree of sense, this reasoning appears to be considerably more 'fuzzy'. The basic mathematics is obviously centered on the fact that a single song on iTunes generally costs about $1 and that Apple claims the iPod classic can hold up to 30,000 songs. Assuming that you buy 30,000 individual songs from iTunes and fill your entire iPod, that adds up, but then is anybody actually going to do that?

If you haven't already answered the question, then the answer is "probably not". For a start, buying 30,000 individual tracks is going to take an awful long time and it makes sense that most consumers are going to buy fair number of albums on their way to filling their iPod (assuming they can cram that many songs on in the first place). It also seems reasonable to make the assumption that most people will own a reasonable number of songs (be they on CD or otherwise) already. A reasonable number of consumers aren't likely to completely fill their iPods either, and if they do, will all of that be with music? So with the somewhat unrealistic expense proposed, it seems that the message that a Zune Pass subscription offers better value (which isn't really an unreasonable proposal) may be overlooked.

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d3bruts1d on May 12, 2009 01:43AM
With Zune Pass, you also do not own your DRM'ed music. Cancel your pass, and you can no longer access your music, with the exception of the 10 songs per month that you are allowed to keep. Additionally, the Zune software only works on Windows OS... iTunes works on Windows and OS X and offers DRM free music. Don't want to use Zune Pass? You can still buy songs from Zune Marketplace for $1 per song... which i turn would *gasp* cost you $30,000 to fill up the Zune 120. -- Again, as Jammin pointed out, this assumes you actually only buy individual songs.

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