ATI RV870 Revealed?

MrAlex - May 7, 2009 10:31AM in Video Cards

The rumour mills have certainly been spinning the past few weeks, with the alleged specifications of NVIDIA's GT300 architecture, and a release date of 2010. Now, websites have the ‘leaked’ specifications of ATI’s Radeon HD 5870 and 5870X2. Now I’d recommend you take these specifications with a pinch of salt, as these are probably guess numbers. So, here we go – the RV870 chip should come with 1200 Cores, which is in a 12 SIMD group, with 100 cores each. While the RV770 was a 10 SIMD group, with 80 cores total. It also comes with a stock clock of 900MHz, which is 150MHz more than the RV770, 1100MHz Memory clock, which is a lovely 200MHz higher. Processing power is a healthy 2160Gflops, which is a 960Gflop increase from RV770! The bandwidth should also be around 140.8GB/s, another dramatic increase. I’m sure you’ll be able to calculate that the 5870X2 is just those specifications twice. Oh and let’s not forget that the apparent release is July 2009. If all these rumours are true, then ATI might just skip over NVIDIA by a complete generation.  This will truly be an interesting year.