Windows 7: One Unexpected Surprise

premiumgfx - May 5, 2009 02:35AM in Operating Systems

With all the hype of the Windows 7 RC release, it seems that the RC will ship with one unexpected surprise: shutdowns. From March 1 2010 the Windows 7 RC will have bi-hourly (every two hours) shutdowns although it actually expires on June 1. The same will occur with the beta, with shutdowns commencing on July 1 2009 and the actual software expiring on August 1 this year, according to the Microsoft Partner website. To avoid the the inconvenience of shutdowns, Microsoft is recommending that consumers install a valid version of Windows 7 before the shutdown dates. Windows 7 has been subject to a lot of excitement ever since the beta was released, but this extra chunk of information leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth: it seems that anything free comes with a catch.