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Windows 7: One Unexpected Surprise

Category: Operating Systems
Posted: 02:35AM

With all the hype of the Windows 7 RC release, it seems that the RC will ship with one unexpected surprise: shutdowns. From March 1 2010 the Windows 7 RC will have bi-hourly (every two hours) shutdowns although it actually expires on June 1. The same will occur with the beta, with shutdowns commencing on July 1 2009 and the actual software expiring on August 1 this year, according to the Microsoft Partner website. To avoid the the inconvenience of shutdowns, Microsoft is recommending that consumers install a valid version of Windows 7 before the shutdown dates. Windows 7 has been subject to a lot of excitement ever since the beta was released, but this extra chunk of information leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth: it seems that anything free comes with a catch.

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NCC10281982B on May 5, 2009 04:18AM
remind me not to use the os if I am doing something important. 50 bucks say somebody will find a registry hack or something next week.
Waco on May 5, 2009 07:19AM
Why is anyone surprised that they can't use an RC copy for a ridiculously long period of time?
ClayMeow on May 5, 2009 09:22AM
QFT. Seriously, how does this leave a bad taste in your mouth? You mean a company won't let you use a beta product for free forever? SHOCKING! :rolleyes:
premiumgfx on May 5, 2009 12:26PM
I don't mean that I never thought it would be free forever, I just think that Microsoft could be more proactive in telling people that the shutdowns would occur.
Waco on May 5, 2009 01:10PM
Like telling them a year in advance as soon as the RC is actually available? It seems pretty proactive to me...
ClayMeow on May 5, 2009 01:12PM
QFT yet again. The link you provided is MS's direct site, where you can download the RC, and on that, it clearly states the shutdown scenario. How much more proactive can they be?
Waco on May 5, 2009 06:32PM
Damn, I'm on a roll lately! :D
ClayMeow on May 6, 2009 07:59AM

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