Eidos Montreal to Announce Thief IV on May 11th?

ClayMeow - May 4, 2009 05:50PM in Gaming

Rumored to be in development for awhile now, it seems that Eidos Montreal is finally going to put the rumors to rest and officially announce the next installation of the Thief franchise. Back in 2007, Eidos Montreal said its next upcoming project (after Deus Ex 3) would begin with the letter "T", narrowing it down to either Tomb Raider or Thief. When that announcement was made, however, the next Tomb Raider game was already in development and announced, so that really only left Thief. Then, a teaser banner last month used a typeface that was nearly identical to that used in the Thief series, which further led to Thief IV as Eidos Montreal's secret project. But now, further evidence has presented itself in a recent advertisement in Edge magazine. The ad states that Eidos Montreal's "second project" will be revealed on May 11th and lists three awards attached to the project: GameSpy's Hall of Fame, Gamespot's Greatest Games of All Time and GameSpot's 10 Best Heroes in Gaming. The only franchise to meet all three criteria? You guessed it...Thief.