Stardock Outlines Eight Changes to Improve Demigod

ClayMeow - May 4, 2009 05:21PM in Gaming

When Stardock's Demigod launched last month, reviews for the gameplay itself were mostly glowing. Unfortunately, most scores suffered due to network and connectivity issues. In the Demigod Journals, an official blog on Stardock's Impulse Community, Frogboy stated that he is "confident in publicly saying that I think that the connectivity issues some have had is going to go away next week," in addition to stat tracking, achievements, and more. Furthermore, he outlined seven changes that Stardock will do to help ensure there will always be a lot of people to play against in multiplayer:

1. Using a database of emails gathered when players updated the game, Stardock will send a mass email letting everyone know of the changes and improvements.

2. Stardock will resume its marketing efforts that were put on hold after the connectivity problems plagued the launch.

3. Stardock is working on a demo! The company not only wants the demo to be multiplayer only, but also wants demo players to be able to play online with legitimate players. To accomplish this, Stardock is asking its community how it should limit the demo in a way that will entice people to buy the full game.

4. Stardock plans on holding formal Demigod tournaments with cash and prizes.

5. Stardock's Impulse Reactor will be getting an update that will provide users with more control over the types of people they are matched up with.

6. Online multiplayer moderators will be introduced that will add or substract in-game karma points from players.

7. Stardock is showing its appreciation for everyone's patience by providing a coupon to everyone who has bought Demigod (up to May 10th) that will let them purchase a second compy of the game for 50% off. Obviously, it is hoping that this will help players bring their friends on board, thus expanding the community even further. But I can't help to wonder if Stardock would have improved relations a little by making the coupon 50% off the next purchase of ANY Stardock game rather than limiting it to a game people already bought. Questionable tactic, but I guess it's better than nothing.