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Italy to Take a Swing at The Pirate Bay?

Category: Internet
Posted: 05:40PM

Most of you have heard about The Pirate Bay's trial in Sweden, where four men behind the site were found guilty and sentenced to one year in prison, and a hefty fine. Even though they filed an appeal recently, some key figures in the Italian music industry have said that this could be their chance; there might soon be a lawsuit against The Pirate Bay in Italy. This optimism is reflecting the outcome of the trial in Sweden, even though if another trial were to happen, not many connections could be made to the first trial. The trial could just as well turn out the other way, with The Pirate Bay found not guilty. We will find out whether prosecutors will proceed with legal action or not within the next few months.

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tkrow21 on May 3, 2009 06:25PM
Clusterfucking TPB won't really work in the fight against piracy.
Guest comment
Rob on May 4, 2009 02:21PM
Exactly tkrow21. I dunno why these people even care, i mean, they still make billions of dollars per year. It's not like them losing 1/4 of their sales is going to affect their $100 million they already have. They get rich, the dumb still pay, the smart dl it, and pirate bay gets screwed by the swedes.

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