Windows 7 + Windows Media Player 12 = Seamless Streaming

redtigerdragon - April 27, 2009 06:34AM in Music / Video Players

Windows 7 is close to the public release of the Release Candidate. And with that RC, comes the revamped Windows Media Player, now version 12. And with that new player comes support for more formats. The new Media Player will support XviD AVI files, MP4's, and even Mov files, all without the help of, well, anything. Not only does this limit the amount of downloads you will need to play media files on the new OS, but this also helps with media streaming. The people over at got an advanced copy of the RC and tested streaming to both the Xbox 360 and the PS3, without the use special REG files or UPnP media servers, and the results look good. Just a couple of speed bumps, but nothing that can't be hammered out when Windows 7 goes gold.