Lightning GTX 260s released by MSI

MrAlex - April 20, 2009 01:08AM in Video Cards

MSI, manufacturer of PC components have released two new versions of the GTX 260 the N260GTX and the N260GTX Black Edition, and they are not to be laughed at! They are exactly the same, apart from the 'Black' edition of the Lightning cards comes with a touch panel that allows you to change the cards voltages and clocks. They come with double the standard memory at 1792MB with the Twin Frozr cooling system which is a dual-slot cooler and has plentiful of heat pipes and two large fans. The card also comes with a 10 Phase power design, 8 Phases for the GPU and 2 Phases for its memory - no doubt it will need it. Hopefully we will see a nice improvement in performance, but as always - time and reviews will tell!