Pirate Bay Trial Ends With One Year Sentence

redtigerdragon - April 17, 2009 06:26AM in General News

That's right, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij and Carl Lundstrom each were sentenced to a year in prison. On top of that, they were ordered to pay $3.6 million USD to entertainment companies including Warner Bros, Sony Music Entertainment, and Columbia Pictures. The defense had stated that the site didn't actually host any copyrighted materials, only links to files through torrents. The court, however, found them guilty "by providing a website with ... sophisticated search functions, simple download and storage capabilities, and through the tracker linked to the website." This all started with a crackdown in 2006, which critics say was caused by Swedish authorities caving to US pressure. Many in the country defend the right to trade files freely.